Hello everybody! Well, I have landed in a country of spacious green fields and blooming lilac bushes 🙂 it’s very pretty here and I just love being by the sea again. Just now, we are having a few days of sun and the skies are very blue. I’m afraid that my present circumstances don’t allow a lot of time for some of the more imaginative cooking I like to partake in, but I am trying as much as I can of Danish food, which is admittedly delightful }:)

I haven’t had the chance to cook much of anything myself, but I did manage to get my hands on some Danish carrots (ha) which looked crisply wonderful upon being spotted in the produce section of the local grocery store. And while I cannot read any of the labels, it’s almost more fun to guess what things are and go for the good-looking things 😉 I can tell you it involves a lot of pate (no bummer there), bread, and cheese!!

For this recipe I had to come up with something creative, but still simple so I used curry powder (seriously, don’t be shy), dried basil, and plenty of Danish beer =) which is definitely my favorite part of being in Denmark so far. The meal was served with toasted dark bread and again, more beer. I’ve been reading carrots are good for your complexion, eyes, and stomach with plenty of cancer-fighting goodness, so I thought to try to incorporate some of the fresh spring harvest that’s here. So…at last, my first culinary posting in Denmark 🙂

Sautéed Onion & Carrots with Curry Powder, Basil, and Beer


1 lb. fresh carrots, trimmed & halved

2 small yellow onions, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 Tbs. butter

1 Tbs. curry powder

1/2 cup Carlsberg Pilsner beer (or sub Heineken)

1 Tbs. dried basil

1 tsp. basil oil

3 Tbs. creme fraiche

sea salt & cracked pepper

(1) Wash and scrub the carrots well, they tend to be a little dirty in the Springtime 😉 Meanwhile, melt the butter over medium heat in a saute pan; add the onion and garlic and cook for 5 minutes, until soft. (2) Next, add the carrots, curry, and beer; cover with lid and let the carrots steam until soft, 5-8 minutes. (3) Remove the lid and let the liquid reduce until thickened; season with salt, pepper, and basil oil, mixing thoroughly. (4) Serve the carrots with a dollop of creme fraiche sprinkled with dried basil 🙂

Serves 4

So, while my adventures in Danish kitchens continue, I am excited to try more of the delicious recipes. Mikkel and I were thinking of a making a roast }:] that involves tea leaves, pork neck chops, and veal broth, but we will see…

My question: What is one of the best tasting vegetables that can be sautéed on the stove? I’m dying for some suggestions…