Hi, my name is Skye.

You may be asking yourself if call my kitchen truly “bitching”, but  I don’t think the use of the word is necessarily unbefitting in this case. My kitchen is in fact, very, very small. After moving from the U.S. to Denmark earlier this year, I find myself in a different environment entirely with a whole new host of culinary challenges. And despite this new, tiny, ill-equipped kitchen and the foreign supermarkets where none of the labels make any sense (although I’m getting better at that…) I do still love to cook and have discovered–through plenty of messes, methods, and mishaps–that cooking is a learning experience and a delightful one at that (if not deliciously rewarding). Ultimately, when it comes to learning in the kitchen, knowledge is power.

As a culinary epicurean (that term could become redundant, but that’s what I think I should call myself) there are a wide, diverse, and abundant array of resources to pull from–countless recipes, thousands of ingredients, and endless ideas on how and what to cook. And what to do with all this information? I say utilize it, for it’s all just possibilities because essentially, cooking is edible practice and since we all must eat to survive, why not have some fun with it? That is the reason I started this blog and in my blunderings along the path to culinary enlightenment, I am just glad to have somewhere in cyberspace to share the experiences. In closing, I’d just like to say bless all the culinarians like me who love food and the boundless ways to prepare, cook, and present it and the best of luck to aspiring chefs everywhere because man, do I know how you feel!!


Hungry yet? I’m always hungry